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Cheap signage is not a good solution

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

When we deal with companies and commercial brands interested in creating a line of Signage for their marketing actions, we always insist on the value of our quality.

Buying cheap signage is not always the best option, in the end it always comes out much more expensive, since you buy cheap, it breaks down in a short time and you have to end up buying again, disassembling, assembling, etc.

Walking the other day through a shopping mall I found the classic example of cheap signage where you can see a chain of errors.

Wrong choice of materials, wrong design and above all low quality in its elements. What should have been a corporeal on a methacrylate base with a frontal adhesive, ended up being a bad approach.

It is important to count on renowned factories, with years of experience and a good technical team. The use of the best materials and good advice has a cost.

Our prices are fair, competitive and with top quality products. Avoid buying these materials on platforms where the priority is to be cheaper, in the end it will be more expensive.

See the process to get our signage quotations.


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