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Luminous signage, plug & play

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

The Plug and Play solution is the easiest to install, as its description says, Plug & Play, "Plug and Play".

This system consists of mounting the illuminated letters to a bar where the wiring is located, from there, directly to the wall or place decided, screw and connect to the light.

The "Plug & Play" system of lighted letters and logos allows to mount on it all our variants of light, letters and logos with front light, letters and logos with back light, intermediate light and both at the same time.

Our signage factory offers an infinite number of options, our work is based on offering our customers the best solution.

How can you request prices for the manufacture of corporeal elements?

Simple, we just need you to send us an email with the artwork, either in Illustrator (the best option) or simply a JPG or PDF, we will convert it in Illustrator. Tell us also the desired size and if you have clear that combination of products are chosen, perfect, if not, we will guide you with the best potions for your case.

The Plug & Play illuminated signage system is the most recommended format for commercial brands or needs in which the installation service cannot be provided, that is, a solution for occasions in which the recipient does not have sufficient skills or resources for its assembly.

Luminous signage, plug & play
Luminous signage, plug & play


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