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Stainless steel lettering fabrication

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

One of the main activities we carry out is the manufacture of stainless steel letters.

For this type of product we combine two completely different elements, on the one hand, laser cutting technology with the latest generation machinery, but at the same time, pure craftsmanship.

The parts that make up the stainless steel letters are cut with a laser machine, thus guaranteeing the exact measurements and proportions requested by our customers. The manufacture of letters begins when we receive the customer's file (artwork), if the customer does not have a design, we can take care of it and present several options.

Once the design is finalized, the artwork is sent to manufacturing, where the document is then printed on the laser cutting machine.

laser cutting for stainless steel lettering

Once the cutting process is completed, the parts are delivered to the assembly line, where we manually and artisanally shape the order.

At all times the parts are protected with adhesive tape to avoid any accidental marks or scratches. In this way, until the end of production, the stainless steel letters are duly protected from any impact.

After the joining process of the parts, the work is transferred to the first finishing line, where piece by piece it is refined and finished to the highest quality standards.

After this process, it remains the part of the assembly of the fastening system that the client indicates us, its installation of Led lighting if it is precise, and to finish the final polishing and polishing.

In the case of installing LED lighting, a new quality control step is applied to verify that all connections and light points are perfect.

Stainless steel corporate lettering can be delivered in polished, brushed or spray painted stainless steel in the color requested by the customer.

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