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Front light signage

Updated: Mar 29

The manufacture of illuminated signs offers a wide variety of possibilities in terms of lighting.

When manufacturing these signs, we offer these lighting possibilities:

  • Front lighting

  • Lateral illumination

  • Back lighting (halo lit)

  • Any combination of the 3

The most demanded illuminated sign is undoubtedly the one manufactured with frontal illumination. The front illumination of the sign provides a very direct visibility to the brand or the manufactured message. The visual impact is the most direct.

The possibilities of frontal illumination with our corporeal signs is also very wide, mainly broken down with the following techniques:

Type of light system on signage

F3 - F4 - F5 - Face cut-out: This technique of illumination of corporeal or lettering gives the product a dimension of thickness. Using this technique we can create 3 types of lighting:

  • F3 - Flat finish

  • F4 - Finishing with depth

  • F5 - Excess finish

This technique is used when the client needs to give a more robust look to the text.

Our recommendation with this technique is to use the F3 system, everything that is straight lines without relief will always be more comfortable to clean.

F6 - F7 - F8 - Plane Acrylic insert: This is one of the most popular systems, straight lines, sober and elegant at the same time. In this case, using this technique we can offer 3 types of lighting:

  • F6 - Flat finish

  • F7 - Finishing with depth

  • F8 - Excess finish

As with the previous system, our recommendation with this technique is to use the F6 system, all straight lines without reliefs will always be more comfortable to clean.

F9 - F10 - Profiled Acrylic insert: This system is very interesting, thanks to the acrylic installation technique, we get a light and elegant line of light on the side of the element:

  • F9 - Flat finish

  • F10 - Side-Excess finish

Our recommendation, without a doubt, F9

In addition to all these product lines, we can also manufacture other styles such as:

Signage options

  • Combination of materials

We have the capacity to produce elements that combine techniques, materials and forms of illumination.

  • Vegas Letter

A classic to which we can also add side and back lighting.

Resin Letter

Using the same techniques as above, we can create the resin line, this concept is designed for customers looking for a vintage touch in their work.


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