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History of Logos

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Logos or symbols have existed since prehistory, symbols in general that had a specific meaning, marked a territory, a cave, a hunting area.

Hundreds of years later, shields arrived, highly recognized in the Middle Ages, shields that referred to a territory or society. Can they be considered as logos? Surely yes, they transmitted an identity.

Formally, the first logo considered as such was created by a beer company called Bass Brewery.

At the beginning of January 1876, in the United Kingdom, a law called "Trademarks of the United Kingdom" was launched. A member of this company waited all night in the registry office, thus being the first registered logo.

Giving more value to a logo is our job, finding the perfect combination of materials, colors and types of light.

The logo is your identity, you must take care of it and always keep it in a prominent place in your marketing plans. Support your points of sale and clients with your corporate image, it is a two-way value, on the one hand you reinforce your image before the final consumer, but at the same time you reinforce the bond with your client or distributor

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