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Key tips for Small Retailers about signage

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

There are several actions that a small retailer can take to improve its performance, Allow us to list some of them for you.

Obviously, it is essential to find a good location, an area that makes sense for the product or service that you offer and that is not well attended.

Align yourself with proven and top quality suppliers, but also keep in mind your own products that give you an additional and more exclusive value.

  1. Small businesses may lack the advertising budgets of larger competitors, but there are ways to build a customer base on a shoestring budget. When negotiating with your suppliers, try to agree on a plan for support such as corners, merchandising, signage, etc.

  2. We are not fans of flyers but sometimes flyers distributed door to door (where permitted) and strategically placed posters can help spread the word.

  3. Follow up with customers after the initial round of advertisements to reinforce the initial message, and don't be afraid of cold calls—they can be effective.

  4. Once the business is up and running, value additions like promotions for repeat customers, are a huge help.

  5. Referrals, both from customers to customers and from businesses to businesses, are also important.

  6. Make digital marketing a priority, including traditional websites and specially social media. Indispensable to be present in Google as a business (description, photos, location).

  7. Build up an ambassador team that promote your business.

  8. Rotate products, pay attention on hot and cold areas.

  9. Make sure you have a very attentive and friendly staff.

  10. Build a good team, pay them well.

  11. Premium Service.

With reference to signage, where we are manufacturers, we believe that these are measures with a high visual effect. If we are in front of two stores, one well identified with signage elements and the other without, we will probably instinctively enter the first one. It's as simple as that.

Retail Signage Factory

It may seem absurd, but periodically, sit down with your team and ask these questions:

  • Why did the customer select your store?

  • How new customers did they find us?

  • What was the least enjoyable that happened from last meeting?

  • What has been our worst success?

  • What has been our best success?

Discover all the possibilities of the Signage world and do not hesitate to contact us for advice.


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