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LED illuminated letters, options with front lighting

Updated: May 23, 2022

When manufacturing corporate letters with front lighting, it is not only about lighting the corporeal ones, but it can also be done with a wide variety of systems.

The manufacture of luminous signs for stores and brands is usually offered in many occasions by means of a led front lighting that is installed inside the body of the letter, our led system is the latest generation, guaranteeing that the light is homogeneous and without stains by lack of light

Depending on how we install the front diffuser, we can achieve different types of light effects, they are not extremely different, but the uniqueness of each of them makes each job different.

In the first figure, we fit the front to the structure of the letter leaving a margin framing the illuminated area, thus making an effect of greater dimension to the produced text, with this option, in addition, we can mount the front in three different ways

F3 = flush with the profile

F4 = inserted below the profile

F5 = with external relief

Looking at the second figure of our corporate letters with light, we propose a version that for us is very elegant, the illuminated area is 100% complete, and also generates a light area around the entire perimeter of the body, that is, the entire front of the letter is illuminated and at the same time its edges, being visible in a very subtle way when seen from the side. This system also offers two variants

F9 = fully illuminated front as well as its perimeter and flush with the body

F10 = same as F9 but we blow up the front slightly to give it a finished dimension

The third option is the most minimalist and at the same time elegant, without a doubt. The front is mounted completely flush with the profile, offering in this case 3 variants

F6 = square to square, without more

F7 = front mounted inside the body

F8 = mounting the front slightly on its outside

The combinations are extensive, they can cause confusion, therefore, if you ask us which ones we like the most, without a doubt F9 (like the letter B that appears in the image above) and F6

If you need more information, do not hesitate to write us!


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