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Reasons to invest in commercial signage

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

There are many reasons why we defend the economic contributions in the marketing budgets for any brand with signage elements.

There are several reasons, these are the most usual ones:

  • Encourage Impulse Purchases and Increase Revenue Through Storefront-Style

  • In-House Promotions

  • Brand Recognition

  • Instruct Your Visitors and Guests

  • Strengthening the bonds of trust between brand and end customer

All of them are very true, but there is one that is not mentioned in the books that we believe is essential. The psychological reinforcement between the point of sale and the commercial brand, then: Trust, Respect & Loyalty

investing on commercial signage

When a small business receives a high quality sign, it will generate an effect of pride towards the brand, it will place it and will do its best to make that area exclusive to the brand. They will pamper that space, it will be their new Cool space in their store and will take your logo to the top.

Create high quality elements, do not manufacture simple, lazy and cheap elements, because that will be a negative message. Provide durable, robust and high quality solutions. When your customer holds your logo in his hands, let him feel its weight, its value, its quality. They will automatically identify it with the brand.

This is like the noise a great car makes when it closes the door, the touch, the feeling of durability is vital for the direct relationship with the quality of the brand.

Another essential reason why you should invest in signage is to spread its cost over the product's lifetime.

Intertir in printed catalogs has gone out of fashion, today you can see everything on the web of the brand, these catalogs have an expiration date, especially if there are annual collections. Nor can you control if the catalogs are distributed or if they are kept and thrown away.

A logo on a wall, on the facade of a store, is an investment to be divided over several years.

An illuminated element is usually connected about 14 hours a day, about 5,000 hours a year. Our products are built with the best LED mechanisms on the market, we offer 50,000 hours of life, i.e. 10 years. In addition, thanks to our construction system, the electrical part can be replaced and since they are generally made of stainless steel, we can say that our products have an extremely long life. Therefore, do not value your Signage actions at 1 year, keep in mind that it will be effective for years and years.


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