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Sustainable 3D print Signage

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Manufacturing signage in a sustainable way is now possible.

It is not our number one in sales, but our efforts are focused on making it so, sooner or later, the use of 3D printing technology with organic materials will become more and more accessible.

From our factory in Thailand, we offer a special line of signage made with organic filaments, i.e. our product is recyclable and organic.

3D print sustainable signage

We should point out that the work we do with these materials is 100% recyclable except when we include lighting. As it is obvious, when we add lighting, we add non-organic elements, but we try to work with suppliers of the highest quality and environmental commitment.

Manufacturing signage with organic material is simple, we use 3D printers to create the elements.

Right now we are developing a sustainable line for the Boards and More group in Austria, a leading company in the manufacture of equipment for sports practices considered as Watersports. B&M is a very sensitive company with the environment, they work under several guidelines, a benchmark in the industry. You can read more about their commitments in the following link

3D print signage

3D print Signage with sustainable raw materials

It is important to mention that when using organic materials for the manufacture of corporeal elements, their visual quality and finishes are not perfect, these elements must be installed at a visual height of 2 - 3 meters, at that distance it is not appreciated.

Remember, know our process to manufacture corporeal elements, contact us if you need our services.


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