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The functionality of Plug and Play Signage

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

When we manufacture illuminated signage elements, we find two different techniques, the one known as individual lettering or the plug and play system.


Stainless steel signage front light

Each letter is manufactured individually, the product is more refined but at the same time involves a more meticulous installation work.

When manufacturing signage with individual letters and symbols, we provide our customers with an assembly template, simply a printed sheet where the entire project is shown and where all the points of attachment to the wall or surface are indicated. In this way we ensure the correct installation of the lettering set.


Plug and Play Signage

Plug and play signage elements are those where all the letters and symbols are attached to a bar from the factory, all the power cables run through the bar and the bar is simply attached to the wall, ceiling or desired surface.

The Signage Plug and Play system is used in cases where it is not desired to prepare the wall with the electrical installation, also for cases where the element hangs from a ceiling.

The bar through which the wiring passes and the elements are fixed can be placed at the back, but we also manufacture elements with the bar at the base of the letters and symbols.

Our factory has the capacity to develop an infinite number of variants in order to adapt to the needs of each customer.

If you would like more information about our signage manufacturing services, please contact us.


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