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Signage Trademark Solutions

Updated: Aug 8

At RetailSets our main specialty is designing and executing all Corporate Signage needs for commercial brands.

Based on brand guidelines, we create a complete line of products, from small and tabletop elements to large formats for walls and facades.

Our services are complete:

  • Creation of the collection

  • Packaging, which can be corporate

  • EAN, product labeling service for its management in warehouses.

  • Specific projects. We have the capacity to manage individual operations following the instructions of the brand and assigned budget.

  • Provision of images and databases for catalogs and XLS - CSV files.

Signage Oakley logo

Oakley logo Signage

Our Signs and logos are delivered with an assembly template that guarantees the correct installation following the corporate guidelines of each brand.

For more information, access our information on how the commissioning process works.

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